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Premium Grooming Blow Dryer
Premium Grooming Blow Dryer
Premium Grooming Blow Dryer
Premium Grooming Blow Dryer
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Premium Grooming Blow Dryer

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Premium Grooming Blow Dryer

Are you sick of washing your dog then not being able to fully dry them properly before they go out to roll on the grass, dirt or play?

Does your dog shed so much hair that it is get's everywhere and is a nightmare to clean up around the house?

Are you looking to de-shed or really fluff up the coat and make your dog look amazing and clean every single time especially with densely coated dog's?

Do you simply want to save $100's per year on going to the groomer? 

Then our brand new Premium Grooming Blow Dryer is going to be perfect for your furry friend's!


Maintaining a beautiful home isn’t always easy when you have pet's that shred so much hair you have no idea where to start and a busy schedule, thing's can get out of hand. Hair can make a mess everywhere in your house which sometimes feel's incontrollable and keeping your pet bed's clean can seem like a never-ending chore. 

A great way to combat these issues is with the help of our BRAND NEW Premium Grooming Blow Dryer! Whether you want to simply dry your dog after a wash to make sure they are completely dry before going to play or if your looking to de-shed your dog's coat to avoid mess in your home or just want to fluff up their beautiful coat, this Blow Dryer is the perfect solution to all of those issue's!

If your loosing your mind over how much hair your dog brings into the house, this is a MUST HAVE for every pet owner! (MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS OUTSIDE)




Our Premium Grooming Blow Dryer is perfect for drying your pet's fur. This Premium Blow Dryer is small in size with a convenient handle, and give's you the power you need to quickly dry your furry friend after a bath or de-shed their hair if they leave a big mess around the house. With multiple wind speed's and temperature's to choose from and 2-step heating temperature, spoiling your pet is easy.

Pick between 4 different nozzles - (Dry partial body, Fluffy shape, drying whole body and making a fluffy style) perhaps give your pet a new fur-do easily with this dog dryer. Lightweight and easy to use, the dog dryer is perfect to use at home or even commercially. It also has a quiet design with our noise reduction filters so this is a perfect choice for you and your dog!

  •  Save 100's Per Year On Grooming Costs
  •  Stop Spending Hours A Week Having To Vacuum The House For It To Be Dirty Again In A Day From All The Hair
  • Get A Professional, High Quality Groom In The Comfort Of Your Home/Backyard
  • Shed Your Dogs Hair Safely & Perfectly
  • Fluff Up Your Dogs Coat With Multiple Attachment Nozzles 
  • Makes Your Dog Look Very Smart and Healthy
  • Noise Reduction & Lightweight 
  • 2x Faster Drying Time - Spend Less Time Drying & Grooming Pets
  • Shipped From Australian & United States Warehouses
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee




High Air Flow For Efficient Drying & 2800W For Powerful Drying
It has 540g of blow force power which is 3 time's stronger than similar dryer's and has 20% greater airflow than other single-stage dryer's which can help remove water from the fur efficiently. With 2800W of power our Premium Blow Dryer can dry pet's in a few minute's.

Variable Speed & Full Function For A Perfect Pet Hairstyle
Two stage speed's and two gear temperature's make it easy for you to shape your pet's fur into something beautiful. Special design with high speed setting's can work at full speed, as well as minimum airflow.

Soft Start & Stable Motor Ensure High Safety
Protection from current buffer's ensures the dryer will not discharge any impulse current when it start's working. Stable and long-lasting motor has 800 hour's non-stop working time.

Quiet Engineered Dryer Especially For Sensitive & Small Pets
Noise reduction device's at the air inlet's ensure pets’ security. Silencing cover's help's reduce noise by 15%. External filter is especially designed for noise reduction's, easy to remove and clean and keep's anxiety level's down for your furry friend.


We offer FREE & FAST delivery on this product and the typical delivery time is 6-12 business day's, depending on your location you may receive this product sooner. This product is ready to ship from our Sydney Or Melbourne-based warehouse's, also comes with a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARENTEE. These are our two warehouse's in Australia.

Please note that delivery's to WA, Perth, Tasmania, NT may take 4-10 business day's in transit once dispatched.